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Base Package:
  -Ranch House Dining Table
  -(8) Guadeloupe Teak Chairs
Title: Ranch House Teak Dining Table Set
Wood: 100% Reclaimed Teak Wood
Material: Wood
Model: GSTF0320
Retail: $8,199
Price: $4,540
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Ranch House Teak Dining Table Set

Serve dinner in southwestern style with the Ranch House Teak Dining Set. Antique I beams reclaimed from old barns create a dining table that’s as charming as it is unique, while the chairs, comprised of real wagon wheel spokes and rims, delightfully compliment the table's rustic, southwest design.

Artistically crafted from re-claimed teak wood, Groovy Stuff Furniture and home decor pieces are designed for today's lifestyle with the look of treasures from a bygone era.  This exquisite vintage wood is taken from antique farm tools, such as sugarcane grinders, wagons, yokes, and plows.  Ancient teak wood possesses tight grain patterns and rich coloring, creating a rugged and earthy look, perfect for rustic, lodge, or country decor, but also suited as a unique accent piece in any home.  These pieces are truly one-of-a-kind, no two are exactly the same!

General Collection:
  • Recommended for indoor use
  • Crafted from re-claimed antique teak wood
  • Each piece reflects the wood's individual traits, no two pieces are exactly alike
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Ranch House Dining Table
30"H x 79"W x 47"D

(8) Guadeloupe Teak Chairs
44"H x 24"W x 18"D

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