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  -Queen Spindle Bed
Title: Solid Oak Mission Spindle Bed
Wood: Rift and Quarter Sawn Oak
Retail: $2,599
Price: $1,399
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Solid Oak Mission Spindle Bed


This heirloom quality collection exudes craftsmanship. It is second to none!

This authentic Mission bedroom furniture is absolutely without a doubt, the absolute best in quality! The finishing techniques combine new technology with old world hand application to ensure a superior, long lasting finish for heirloom quality furniture.

The foundation of any great finish begins with lumber selection and preparation. To start, color-matched lumber from superior regions of the United States is used. Once construction begins each individual part undergoes multiple sanding steps which best prepares the furniture for staining.

The finishing begins with yet another sanding stop-a polish sanding done by hand. Once the piece is polished it is then sprayed with an exclusive stain choice. A unique stain has been created to ensure a rich hue with a lasting beauty. Once the stain is applied each piece is hand wiped, but not before the stain has had the perfect amount of time to penetrate the wood. This time allotted between spraying and wiping is vitally important to having consistent and rich color. After hand wiping, the stain is allowed time to dry. Once dry, each piece is inspected by a color matching expert to apply any shading adjustments to ensure an unbeatable consistency in color. Once the piece is perfectly colored, a sealer coat is applied to the piece to lock in the stain. Once the sealer coat dries, each piece is again hand sanded to create uniformity to the touch. The final coat of lacquer is then sprayed on to provide luster. Just before shipping, each piece is hand rubbed and waxed to ensure a showroom shine and smooth to the touch texture. Finally, every piece is checked and initialed at a finishing inspection station to ensure that every piece of furniture leaves the factory with a level of quality second to none.

General Collection:
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 100% Solid American Grown Oak
  • Rift and Quarter Sawn Oak
  • Heirloom quality
  • Finishing technique that combines new technology with old world hand application for superior quality
  • Color selected U.S.A. lumber from superior regions
  • Lumber undergoes multiple sanding steps to prepare for superior staining
  • Hand polished
  • Hand wiped
  • Inspected for color matching
  • Coated with sealer to lock in stain
  • Lacquered, hand-waxed and hand-rubbed for showroom shine and smooth texture
  • Each piece is inspected and initialed to ensure a level of quality second to none
  • Dovetail joinery is hand sanded and gaps are filled with putty, creating a surface that's smooth to the touch
Queen Spindle Bed:
  • Adjustable steel mattress supports with steel adjustable legs for different sizes and heights
  • Rails bolt to headboard and footboard for secure fit to prevent movement
  • Spindle bed is available in King and California king
3 Drawer Nightstand:
  • Three drawers
  • Pull-out tray
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Queen Spindle Bed
89.5"L x 70"W x HB 52"H, FB 34"H

Available Item Upgrades:

King Spindle Bed
89.5"L x 88"W x HB 52"H, FB 34"H

California King Spindle Bed
93.5"L x 82"W x HB 52"H, FB 34"H

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45"H x 65"W x 21"D

Mule Chest Mirror
26 1/2"H x 55"W x 2 1/2"D

3 Drawer Nightstand
26"H x 23 1/2"W x 20"D

10 Drawer Dresser
36"H x 67"W x 21"D

Dresser Mirror
49"W x 44"H

1 Drawer Nightstand
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Mini Mule Chest
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